La. Family Forum Had Successful Session

La. Family Forum Had Successful Session

The Louisiana Legislature did a good job of protecting the interests of the family during the recently-completed legislative session, according to Rick Edmonds, vice president of Louisiana Family Forum.

Edmonds told the Chamber of Commerce of East Baton Rouge that where the legislature failed to do its job, Gov. Bobby Jindal used his veto power to correct the mistake.

“We had a fine session,” Edmonds said.  “At the Family Forum, we stand for old-fashioned values, the kind we grew up with.  America is great because of our values.  Our precious liberty is what is so important.”

“This is the greatest country on the planet.  That’s not something to be arrogant about.  We just need to realize that we have been uniquely blessed.  We go to the legislature to protect the family from the attacks it is under.”

Kathleen Benefeld of the Family Forum said one of the most important actions of the session was the passage of HB 388 which requires doctors who perform abortions to have admitting privileges in a hospital in the area, in case of emergency.  Sen. Katrina Jackson, a Democratic senator from Monroe, introduced the bill and said, “It is with great joy that I am here today to present this bill.”  It passed the legislature and was signed into law by Gov. Jindal.

Edmonds said the Family Forum focused on the following issues during the legislative session:

• Right to life

• Human trafficking

• Marriage between one man and one woman

• Parental rights

• Second Amendment

The Family Forum had concerns about

• Common core

• Medicaid expansion

• Abortion coverage in Obamacare

• Real I.D.

• Surrogacy legislation

Edmonds said, “We don’t introduce bills, and we don’t vote on bills but we monitor them.”

The Family Forum has a 501(c)(4) affiliate which publishes a Legislation Scorecard on how legislators vote on family issues.

Dan Richey, who advises the Family Forum, said the publication of the Legislative Scorecard has had a dramatic impact on how legislators vote.

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