Sen. Vitter: Strong Favorite in Governor’s Race

Sen. Vitter: Strong Favorite in Governor’s Race

Supporters of David Vitter must surely tire as they read and watch the constant barrage of negative attacks in the media against the popular two-term senator.

Most of the attacks come from frustrated liberal reporters who can’t seem to accept the fact that the senator was not only re-elected by a wide margin but is now the leading candidate for governor of Louisiana.

Millions have been spent in negative advertising against David Vitter and countless negative articles have been written.  But the attacks have had little effect.

At this moment, the polls are showing Vitter in a strong if not commanding lead, in the race for governor next year.

In the Southern Media and Opinion Research poll, Vitter leads the strongest Democrat, New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu, by a margin of 53-42.

In an open primary, the SMOR poll shows Vitter with more votes than the next three Republicans combined.  Actually, he has five per cent more than the combined totals of State Treasurer John Kennedy, Lt. Gov. Jay Dardenne, and PSC member Scott Angelle.

One of the encouraging things for Sen. Vitter has to be his ability to rally Republicans and white Democrats in a runoff.

Here’s what the numbers say:

• In a runoff against Mitch Landrieu, Vitter

would get 89 percent of Republican voters while Landrieu would get only 9 percent of Republican voters.  No surprise.

• But look at what happens to white Democrats in a Landrieu-Vitter runoff: Landrieu gets 49 percent and Vitter gets 43 percent of white Democrats!

The SMOR poll is the fifth straight poll which has shown Vitter as the clear front runner.

Just a little over one year out from the governor’s race, Vitter’s support looks solid.

Moreover, as the perceived winner, he will be able to corner more and more of the financial resources that will be so important once 2015 begins.

Three weeks ago, the senator walked into the lion’s den known as the Baton Rouge Press Club.  He handled the event deftly and left the master of the room.

It’s a long time until the fall of 2015, but from this vantage point, David Vitter looks like the man to beat.


Congratulations to Jr. Shelter after being sworn in as the new Mayor of Central.  He is a strong, honest, capable leader who has the energy and commitment needed in the dynamic, growing City of Central.  The election of a man like this is a breath of fresh air!  It tells us there is still hope for the future.


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