Mayor Shelton Outlines His Goals, Priorities

Mayor Shelton Outlines His Goals, Priorities

The day before being sworn in as Mayor of the City of Central, Jr. Shelton sat at the Mayor’s desk in City Hall and talked about Central’s future. With no debt and nearly $20 million in the bank,  Central is in better financial shape than virtually any city in the state.  Unlike mayors in many cities, Shelton does not face a budget shortfall or a financial meltdown.  Far from it.  Central runs a healthy surplus. Shelton is focused on four things: economic development, improved drainage, expanding the sewer  system, and working with the Central Community School Board to keep their school system healthy and strong.

Economic Development. “People are knocking on our door, wanting to be part of Central.  We get to decide who we want to work with.  This will allow us to do a lot of great things for the citizens of Central.”

Drainage Improvements. “I’ve instructed IBTS to develop a drainage maintenance program that will be pro-active.  We won’t just respond to complaints but work on drainage throughout the year.  We will also develop a capital outlay program for important drainage improvements.”

Sewer. “We will work to implement a master plan for sewer improvements.  Sewer lines will have to be extended to allow new projects and developments.”

Central School System. “Our schools are key to the success of this community, and we will work closely with the school board to stay on track with one another.”

Other key agenda items are expanding Baton Rouge Community College in Central and continuing to work on the City Center project.


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