The Last Thing We Need Is Distance Between Us

Hope you all are well! I’ve been contemplating how fortunate we coaches and teachers are to be in this profession. Such a responsibility! 

Watching my wife Beanie in multiple classrooms with distance learning has given me perspective. 

Sports is one thing that “distance” does not fit. In fact, I think distance part of what’s wrong with our world these days — Distance! Distance from God,  family, friends, teammates, and our fellow man. 

Yes, technology is great — up to a point. But you cannot love from a distance!  Which is what our jobs are all! 

Academics are certainly important. Kids are suppose to come to school to learn.  However, some just come to pas.

Many come to find love. To have someone to talk to. To be counseled by our teachers or coaches. To find mothers and fathers they don’t have at home. 

Others come to be in a climate controlled environment (Yes, many don’t have heat or air at home). To eat a meal. To forge friendships. To escape abuse. To talk to YOU eye to eye. 

In football, the X ‘s and O’s are part of it.  But how big a part?  

In the game of life, won’t we be graded not on that but on heart️ and love for one another? 

I feel our role,  especially in athletics, is the development of the whole child. Academically. Socially. Spiritually. 

We are part of a calling — not part of a job.

I will forfeit hiring a (name a sport) genius, in lieu of a woman or man who will loves our kids.    

It’s funny but when I am visited by former athletes, it is rare that conversations turn to state or district titles or championship rings., 

It’s always stories. Memories. Moments. Stuff I forgot about!

But the kids don’t forget!

These kids remember the times you counseled them. 

Bought them a meal. 

Gave them shoes for there feet. 

Let them cry on your shoulder. 

None of that was possible from a distance.  Those things come from the heart. 

I miss all of you!  In the meantime, love up on those closest to you! Squeeze them! 

Get rested, because your other children who are at a “distance “ desperately need us closer than even six feet. Prayers going up!     

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