Dr. LoBue Opens Luxury Boarding

 Dr. Tony LoBue has greatly expanded his veterinary practice with the opening a new state-of-the-art luxury pet boarding facility and day care center.

Located behind Crossroads Animal Hospital, the new facility is a separate building, which provides some rather impressive services.

Kennels and pet boarding facilities are notorious for their odor, but a tour of the luxury facility was surprisingly odor-free and did not smell of chemicals. Unlike traditional kennels, there is no gutter allowing wastes to flow to an outlet. Instead, dogs are allowed to go outside to do their business most of the time.  When they are unable to, the wastes are vacuumed up through a vacuum system throughout the facility. The wastes are then processed.

When a visitor walks through the pet boarding facility, the first thing he sees are the “luxury suites” near the entrance.  Visitors can be counted on to laugh and view the scene with amazement!

Each suite is quite large and offers guests a memory foam bed and their own personal large screen TV, which shows videos of interest to the guests, such as squirrels, rabbits and birds. 

Each suite also includes a device that allows the pet owner to call in and speak directly to the guest. In addition, the owner can tap a button on his phone that causes a treat to be dispensed to the guest.

All units have a door that allows the pet to go in and out to the workout area.  

Play time is scheduled during the day, and dogs get to play with others at the boarding facility. Before a pet is allowed to interact with other dogs, he is administered a temperament test to help insure that he has the social skills to be able to play with other dogs.  Boarders must have all required shots.

Doors to the suites are opened four times a day and left open during play times if weather permits.  Dogs are taken out three times a day to a fully-fenced play yard where there is agility equipment, toys, and room to run.

Dogs can be boarded or kept for day care for a half day or full day.

Holidays are coming up soon, and reservations are beginning to fill up.  Events coming soon are:

•Mardi Gras

•Spring break


•Vacation time

Crossroads Animal Hospital is located at 13933 Greenwell Springs Rd., Central 70739. Phone 225-261-6000. The website is crossroadsanimalhospital.com.

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