Central Schools Get ‘A’ Rating in Assessment by Education Dept.

The latest assessment by the Louisiana Department of Education has once again given the Central Community School System an A rating. A total of nine of the 69 school districts across Louisiana were rated A.

Supt. Jason Fountain was scheduled to unveil the numbers to the public today.

Central High School and Central Middle School also received A ratings, while Central Intermediate received a B rating.

Central’s score was 90.4, up from 89.6 last year.

The A rating for the system remains a source of pride for the Central community. However, the meaning of the letter grades is more and more difficult to ascertain. Student performance on LEAP tests is only one component of the letter grades. The score is pumped up by a system’s rate of improvement. As a result, some lower performing school systems were rated high-

er than Central and vice versa.

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