Welborn, Caldwell, and Edmonston Were Favorites of Central Voters

Welborn, Caldwell, and Edmonston Were Favorites of Central Voters

Ironically, the two top vote-getters for Governor in the City of Central won’t be on the Nov. 21 runoff ballot, because they did not do as well statewide.

Public Service Commissioner Scott Angelle was first in Central with 2,096 votes, or 28 percent, and Lt. Gov. Jay Dardenne was second with 2,079 votes, or 27 percent.

Appearing on the ballot will be Sen. David Vitter, who ran 3rd with 1,803 votes, or 24 percent, and Rep. John Bel Edwards, who ran 4th with 1,604 votes, or 21 percent.

The top local vote-getter on Oct. 24 was Clerk of Court Doug Welborn, who received 7,273 votes, or 84 percent, in Central, where he grew up and previously served as Metro Councilman.

The top vote-getter in Central in a contested statewide race was Attorney General Buddy Caldwell, who received 4,390 votes, or 60 percent, which was far above his statewide total, which was 35 percent.

The statewide leader for Governor, Rep. John Bel Edwards, led in Central in only two precincts, 3-9A and 3-9B, which is St. Alphonsus.

Mayor-President Kip Holden did surprisingly well in Central, where he received 1,901 votes, or 26 percent, in his race for Lt. Governor.

Kathy Edmonston ran strong for BESE in Central, receiving 3,473 votes or 49 percent.

Central is represented in the legislature by two senators and two representatives. Sen. Bodi White and Reps. Valarie Hodges and Barry Ivey were unopposed. Sen. Dale Erdey had opposition from Derek Babcock, who carried the Central precincts in the district with 614 votes to 523 votes for Erdey, 54%-46%.

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