Proposition Will Give Central Share of Funds From Industry

East Baton Rouge Parish voters will face a proposition on the Nov. 21 election ballot to amend a section of the City Parish Plan of Government.

While the ballot language is a bit confusing, the actual change in law is small and completely justified.

The area of the parish north of Chippewa and west of Scenic Highway is known as the Industrial Area of the parish.  That’s where Exxon and other major plants are located.  At present, a portion of the tax collected there is remitted to the cities of Baton Rouge, Baker, and Zachary.  The new City of Central was incorporated in 2005.  This amendment, proposed by Metro Councilman Scott Wilson, would include the City of Central in these revenues, resulting in an additional $130,000 of revenue to Central, at no additional cost to the taxpayers of the Industrial Area.

We recommend voting ‘Yes’!

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