Will Briscoe: Central Athlete of Decade

Will Briscoe: Central Athlete of Decade

Louisiana’s top quarterback of 2008 and 2009 was Central’s Will Briscoe, whose extraordinary performance gained national attention.  Briscoe was 1st team All-State as a junior in 2008 and the Advocate’s All-Metro MVP.

But in 2009, Briscoe had an even more impressive year.  He guided Central to the State 5A Regional Championship and was responsible for 48 touchdowns.  He completed 188 passes on 283 attempts for 3,080 yards with the accuracy of a jungle sniper.  He had only two interceptions all year.

Briscoe passed for 39 TD’s, ran for eight, and even caught a touchdown pass on a trick play.  He could lob the ball or send it 60 yards down field with a high degree of reliability.  An able field general, Briscoe helped the Wildcats average 46 points a game.

His exciting brand of play kept fans in the game, except when he carried things to extremes. Dur-

ing one five-minute period, he passed for four touchdowns, and fans started paying more attention to the band than the game.  Because the Wildcats were usually so far ahead by half-time, Briscoe played little in the 2nd half most of the season.  So the full extent of his abilities was seldom tested and his numbers were far less that they could have been.  On those occasions when the Wildcats were under pressure in the 2nd half, he proved to be as cool as a cucumber and never folded.  If the Wildcats needed an 80-yard touchdown in, say, 20 seconds, he made it happen. Will Briscoe was blessed with four of the state’s top wide receivers — Shedrick Davis, Jae Cutno, Gregg Morris, and Will’s twin brother, Wes Briscoe.  Coach Sid Edwards said of Will Briscoe: “A rare athlete who has all the qualities of a winner.  I have 100 percent trust in him.  When he is in the game, it is impossible to believe you will lose.  I’ve coached some great quarterbacks, but he is the best ever!”

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