Why Laura’s 31st Anniversary Is So Special

Why Laura’s 31st Anniversary Is So Special

by Laura Landry

[Editor’s Note: Laura’s Fine Jewelry of 11413 Hooper Rd. is celebrating its 31st Anniversary this week.  That’s a big deal, because this time last year, Laura was very ill with cancer and didn’t get to celebrate her 30th Anniversary or know if she’d be around another year.  The Central City News salutes Miss Laura Landry for her many years of service to the Central community.]

CENTRAL — On Dec. 1, 1980, I opened B&E Jewelry & Gifts at 13623 Hooper Road.  I had been doing industrial engraving for the chemical plants in Baton Rouge and along River Road since 1972 and wanted to add something to my business that would allow me to deal with the public more.

I wanted to get into the jewelry business and didn’t entertain the thought for a minute that I didn’t know much about jewelry!  So I took the attitude “I don’t know, but I will find out for you!”

And that is what we did.

In 1983, I graduated from Gemological Institute of America (GIA) in diamond grading and in 1984 completed training in jewelry repair and fabrication given by Gemological Institute of America.  That year I was elected Jewelers of Louisiana vice president.

In 1985, my son Shane Evans came on board as jewelry repairman, diamond and stone setter, and craftsman.  Shane graduated from Stuarts International School for Jewelers in Jupiter, Fla.  We then opened Laura’s Accessories on Sullivan Road where the donut shop is now.  Shortly after it opened, the widening of the corner of Hooper and Sullivan was begun which was very detrimental to both businesses.  What was supposed to take 90 days lasted for at least 12 months.  Customers vehicles sank to their axles.  I was elected Jewelers of Louisiana president.

In 1986, we closed Laura’s Accessories to move the jewelry store to the Sullivan Road location and changed the name to Evans Fine Jewelry.

In 1988, I was hired as executive director of Jewelers of Louisiana, which position I held for 10 years.

In 1990, we moved to our current location on Sullivan Road and renamed the store Laura’s.  In 1992, we added gifts, ladies apparel, and accessories to our inventory.

In 1993, I married Francis E. (Cisco) Landry

All jewelry repair, appraisals, pearl stringing, watch batteries, watch band repair, and so on are done in the store and insurance is maintained on all customers goods while in our custody and control.  Repairs are done by me or my son Shane.

In September 2010, I was diagnosed with cancer, had kidney and lymp nodes removed in October and started chemotherapy in December.  It was a difficult time to begin with, made harder by the fact that it was the busiest time of the year for the store.

We made it through all of it.  Thanks to two terrfic doctors, Dr. Kenneth Blue III at Louisiana Urology and Dr. Gerald Milletello at Baton Rouge General Onocology.  I am now cancer free!

I would also like to thank my employees and friends, Sis Prestige, Kat Robillard, and Whitney for standing by me and helping me personally and maintaining the store during this trying time.

Laura’s is and has always been a Mom-and-Pop store, owned by Central residents.  We have always employed family and friends since opening in 1980.  Our objective is to treat every customer like our friend and make each one’s dreams come true.

We are grateful for the loyal customers from Central and surrounding communities and invite new customers to come in and say hi and believe us if we tell you “I don’t know, but I will find out for you.”  However, now most of the time we know!

Thank you, Central, for 31 great years!

Note: Laura’s three children are Shane Evans, Lori Easley, and Kirk Evans.

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