Key Bills Used to Rate Legislators’ Voting


SB44 by Sen. Mizell FOR

Fairness in Womens Sports Act – Prohibits males from competing in female sports.  


SB342 by Sen. Jackson FOR 

Protect Babies if Supreme Court Returns Authority to States to Regulate or Prohibit Abortion


SB104 by Sen. Mizell FOR 

Telephone access in outpatient abortion facilities  


HB953 by Rep. Seabaugh FOR 

Religious Freedom – Requires government to use least restrictive means when religious liberties are in question.


HR116 by Rep. Edmonston 

Against giving over sovereignty to the World Health Organization.

HB12 by Rep. Frieman FOR 

To make it easier to terminate emergency declarations. 

HB54 by Rep. Bagley FOR 

Prohibits discriminatory practices on the basis of vaccination status or immunity status 

 SB141 by Sen. Morris FOR 

Prohibits insurance companies from requiring a person or business to have a certain vaccination status or requiring information regarding vaccination status. 

HB117 by Rep. Echols FOR 

Protecting physicians right to prescribe drugs for Off Label use. 

HB47 by Rep. Edmonston FOR 

Requires that any communication issued to students or parents relative to immunization requirements include exemption information and an exemption form 

HCR80 by Rep. Crews FOR 

Directs the office of public health to conduct a comprehensive assessment of this state’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic 

HCR3 by Rep. Bagley FOR  

Repeals administrative rules of the La. Department of Health adding COVID vaccines to the state immunization schedule 

HB640 by Rep. Wright FOR 

Prohibit vaccines and vaccine-related pharmaceuticals produced with aborted human fetal-derived cells or human embryonic-derived cells 

HB53 by Rep. Frieman FOR 

Constitutional Amendment protecting autonomy in making personal health care decisions. 

HB232 by Rep. Edmonston FOR 

Prohibit requiring Covid vaccine information on Drivers License 

HB427 by Rep. Amedee FOR 

Ban vaccine to minors on school grounds unless certain conditions met. 

HB531 by Rep. Amedee FOR 

is denied entry into school because of immunization requireme

HB428 by Rep. Amedee FOR 

Prohibits the State Board of Elementary and Secondary Education and the state Department of Education from recommending any vaccine or medical procedure 

HB1022 by Rep. Amedee FOR 

Provides for a cause of action for mandating, recommending, or administering certain products 

HB600 by Rep. Frieman FOR 

Provides for release of opt-out information to the public when state law requires a vaccination or immunization 


SB53 by Sen. Foil FOR 

Provides certain exceptions to the crime of illegal carrying of weapons 

SB143 by Sen. Morris FOR 

Provides relative to the concealed carrying of firearms 

HB43 by Rep. Frieman FOR 

Provides relative to enforcement of federal firearm laws 


HB376 by Rep. Huval AGAINST  

Prohibits operation of a motor vehicle while using a wireless telecommunication device  


SB144 by Sen. R. Mills FOR 

Require hand delivery of absentee by mail ballots 

HB811 by Rep. Miguez FOR 

Prohibits the use of private funds to pay election-related expenses 

SB350 by Sen. Cloud FOR 

Disqualify mail ballots that place flap inside sealed envelope. 


HB526 by Rep. Edmonds FOR 

Public online access to spending of local School Boards 

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