The Emperor Has No Clothes, and We’re Living in His World

As children, we learned Hans Christian Andersen’s story about the emperor who had no clothes.

The Emperor was not known for making wise decisions but for spending much of his time in his dressing room. If someone wanted to see him, his advisors would tell them he’s in his dressing room.

The city where he lived was a great city, a market town. Many people came to shop there but one day two swindlers came to town with a plan. They said that they would weave the most beautiful cloth, made of gold. It would be the most astounding and wonderful fabrics that anyone had ever seen. And they would in turn weave a cloak and clothes for the Emperor. They said there was something amazing about this cloth. If you weren’t very smart, you couldn’t see it! Or if you were unqualified for your office or position, you couldn’t see it!

The word spread about these two weavers. Pretty soon a representative of the Emperor came to see their goods. They described all the beautiful cloth but as he looked, he didn’t see a thing. He thought to himself, “Maybe I’m just not very smart or maybe not qualified for my office.” So he admired the invisible cloth and said, “Oh, it’s beautiful! It’s beautiful!” He went back to the castle where other ministers of the Emperor were asking about the cloth. Several of them came to see it, and they did not see a thing either. However, they didn’t want anyone to suspect that they were not very bright, or unqualified.

Finally, the Emperor, having heard all the rave reviews from all of his top people, went to see the cloth. But he didn’t see anything either! However, worried that he might be unqualified to be Emperor, he went along and commissioned a wonderful set of clothing that he could wear in the annual parade. The weavers were demanding large sums in gold for golden thread.

They worked and worked a long time, and they asked for still more money and more money. By now, the king had so much invested that he had to keep the project going.

Finally, the day of the great parade came. The whole town was lining the streets. Everybody feared that they would be considered not very smart, so they praised the King’s clothing as he paraded by, naked. His two men behind him carried his royal mantle, which was also imaginary. But along the way, a small child whispered, “But he doesn’t have any clothes on!” His Father shushed him. And then another little boy said, “He’s naked!” Then one of the adults shouted, “He IS naked! Look at him. He’s naked!”

And he was! The king heard it too! Then people started chanting, “The Emperor is naked, the Emperor is naked!” The whole town was shouting, but the Emperor had to keep going. And his men carried his imaginary mantle behind him as he finished the parade.

Ladies and gentlemen, that’s exactly where we are today! We have a governor who has imagined that the constitution and laws of our state are not like they are. And he imagined a lot of things about healthcare and our rights being under his control! 

I never will forget when he started. He said he was going to lockdown the state for two weeks. Having been involved in writing our state constitution and studying constitutions all over the world, I wondered how can a governor lockdown a state? Where does the authority come from? And he’s going to close businesses? I said, “Well, how can he close businesses? Where is the authority?” Finally, at some point, he said his power comes from the Governor’s Emergency Powers Act. Well, since I had helped draft that act and was very familiar with it, I knew it gave him no such power! The Act has certain specific provisions. For example, the governor is allowed to do things like close roads, but those things are enumerated, and it’s a finite list. There’s no general statement that he can do any and all things necessary. It doesn’t say anything like that! 

Yet, somehow many had the idea that a governor can come in and make laws, and that those laws are above the U.S. Constitution, above the state constitution, and above all the other laws actually passed by the legislature! 

That is imaginary! Such power does not exist. That’s not how our system works. When a president says, well, everybody’s got to get vaccinated, or you are going to lose your job, there is no legal basis for that.

Yet, the courts have largely ignoring the constitution and laws. No one wants to be the one who’s considered not very smart, or not qualified for his office. As a result, many of our judges have just bowed to the governor. 

Does a governor or a President have such powers? Where do they come from? There is no answer to that, because such powers are not found in the Emergency Powers Act. I know because I wrote it. 

In addition, the act says in R.S. 29:736D that nothing herein shall be used to diminish in any way the rights spelled out in the Declaration of Rights of the Louisiana Constitution or the Bill of Rights of the US Constitution. So in the statute under which the governor is operating, it specifically says he can’t violate the Constitution. 

Is the language of 29:736D necessary? No, whether the act includes that language or not, the governor cannot violate the Constitution. The language was put there to remind judges, the press and others that this act doesn’t grant to the governor the power to do anything outside the constitution. He has to operate within the Constitution. 

All of this has revealed so many other things. It’s revealed that many physicians have gone along with the herd and against their better judgment. They’ve been told by higher ups what to say and what to do. It has involved the media who go with the herd. If the governor says it, then it must be true. Meanwhile, most of the legislators sit idly by, even though they have a liberal Democratic governor ordering them about. “He’s the governor. It’s the law!” When people go to the store, they don’t want to be considered not very smart, so they comply with the idiotic mandates — for which there is no legal basis. 

Now, back to what happened in the beginning? What did the governor say? He said, “We have to flatten the curve, because we need more ventilators. We need to be sure we have enough ventilators.” Seriously? Ventilators kill! 70

plus percent of the people put on ventilators died! We were slowing it down so that we would have enough ventilators? This is insanity! Truly insanity, and we’re living it right now! 

Here is Vitamin D and here is zinc — the two best protections to help you fight any virus. Modern medicine needs to wake up. Health care should mainly be about building up a person’s immune system!  It should be about making people strong, so that they can withstand disease. 

Plus, it’s important to know that we have treatments which are very effective. 

I read in the press “Oh, are you going to take a horse dewormer?” Let me tell you what ­— that drug Ivermectin won the Nobel Prize,

and it has saved tens of millions of lives — not of horses, but of people.

Ivermectin has been proven effective almost 100 percent of the time.  In fact, my own physician, has had over 500 COVID patients.  He has treated them with hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin.

Of those 500, there has not been a single death. It’s been very successful. All over the world, studies have been done on Ivermectin, and they show an extremely high success rate of treating people. 

On the other hand, how have people suffering from COVID been treated for most of the last year to 18 months? Mostly, they haven’t been treated at all. If they go to the hospital they are usually sent home and told to take Tylenol.

Are you serious? Take Tylenol, when you have a deadly disease? 

There are treatments. And we know what they are. Two of the best are hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin, but that information is suppressed. 

There’s a plan at work because we have the greatest censorship in the history of this country going on — in the social media and in the mainstream media. 

But it’s time for truth. So we resist, we fight back. People are fighting back. They fought against the masks and they’re fighting now against the forced vaccines, the mandatory vaccine. 

Let me tell you how I feel about the vaccine. Vaccines are tested over years. The reason they’re tested over years is because you have long-term effects of vaccines that can be very negative.  Furthermore, you can’t test the long-term effects of the vaccine in two or three months. That’s just impossible. 

There hasn’t been the testing on pregnant women. There hasn’t been tests to determine the likelihood of the vaccine causing cancer. 

There’s so many things that haven’t been tested. But you’re being told to take this medication, that it is safe, even though this drug has not been tested over time! 

Most people reading this don’t even support the President issuing these mandates or the Governors making these decrees. They don’t trust the medical experts that are trying to tell us what to do!

Like the Emperor in the story books, the people trying to run our lives — starting with Joe Biden — don’t have a clue what to do.

Rather than trust our fate to them, we are far better off remaining free Americans with the right to make our own health care decisions!

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