Time to Ditch the Masks in Central Schools

By Woody Jenkins • Editor • Central City News • CITY OF CENTRAL — There was never any justification — legally, scientifically, or rationally — for requiring students in Louisiana’s public and private schools to where a mask to school every day.  There was not a single scientific study that showed it made any difference at all.

Records from the East Baton Rouge Parish coroner’s office showed something else a few months ago.  The youngest person to die of Covid in East Baton Rouge Parish was 28 years old!  For all practical purposes, Covid does not endanger young people.

Last June, the Central Community School Board adopted policies that would have given students the option to wear masks or not. Then the State Board of Elementary and Secondary Education jumped in and decreed that all students in public and private school in Louisiana should have to mask— regardless of the facts or any consideration of the negative physical and psychological effects of students being forced to wear masks.

It should be no surprise that BESE voted the way they did. They didn’t bother to hear any dissenting opinions, other than their own, when they considered the matter.  Citizens who oppose mandatory masks were excluded from the room.  Now litigation is challenging BESE’s actions and hopefully the courts will do justice.

Despite the best efforts of the media and the Democratic party to endlessly stoke the flames of fear, Covid is clearly dying, and everyone knows it.

Here in Central, a dedicated group of mothers of school children has been unrelenting in their opposition to mandatory masking. Citizens such as Brittney Sherlin and Jamie Pope have exposed the facts and given elected officials all the information they need to justify termination of mandatory masks.

Now the infection rate is so low that even the most ardent maskers must realize the absurdity of continuing to force kids to mask.

Here in Central only 10 of our 29,357 residents tested positive for Covid in the most recent week.

Not many school board members in this state have courage.  But Central’s school board does!  It’s time they vote to end the masking of students and make their position clear to the governor, the legislature, and the media.

The emperor has no clothes, and it’s time someone said so!

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