Why Won’t the Governor Let Me Speak: Jenkins

Central City News editor Woody Jenkins is speaking out about efforts by Gov. John Bel Edwards to prevent him from testifying in the trial of Danielle Bunch, owner of Firehouse BBQ. The Governor has been trying to close the restaurant and put Ms. Bunch in jail for defying his mask mandate.

Jenkins said, “Well, I’ve never heard of a governor going into court to try to prevent a legislator from testifying on the intent of legislation he authored, but this governor has done every high-handed trick in the book to lock down this economy and I suppose he’ll do just about anything.  That’s why there’s a recall going against him!”

Jenkins said, “One thing is for sure.  I have a copy of the governor’s petition trying to prevent me from testifying.  I plan to frame it and put it on the wall in my office!”

“If given the opportunity to testify, I will explain the very limited power of the governor under the Emergency Powers law and show that nothing in the legislation gives him the powers he has taken upon himself.”

“Danielle Bunch is not guilty of anything except making good barbecue.  The governor should withdraw his illegal emergency orders and spend his time trying to help the thousands of businesses he’s destroyed with his illegal mandates and orders.”

No date has yet been set for the Firehouse BBQ trial to resume.  Meanwhile, it is open.

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