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Why American Flag Matters More Than Ever

Nothing of man is perfect, but the United States of America is the greatest nation in human history! 

I love this country with all my heart! 

I honor our flag as the symbol of human liberty all around the world. 

I marvel at our Constitution and the unique system of government it has created. 

I treasure our Bill of Rights and the protections it affords us! 

I am grateful beyond measure to the Founding Fathers whose vision and great sacrifice made it possible. 

Our free enterprise system opens the door of opportunity to all people! Millions of people try to come here! 

All along, God has had his hand on the United States. We are the envy of the world! 

Have there been injustices? Of course! Many injustices affecting everyone! 

Are there still injustices? Of course! There will always be. 

However, the great thing about this country is we have peaceable means to change things! 

We don’t need a king or a dictator or a mob to change things! 

We have a democratic system to change things. 

When I see people demanding fundamental change, meaning socialism or communism, I ask do these people know anything at all? 

Are they so ignorant of the world and human history that they prefer chains, slavery, and death to human freedom? 

In recent months, I became very pessimistic about our future. 

However, that has changed! I see Americans waking up! I see a new understanding of the importance of freedom and a disgust for the radicals who would destroy everything that has made America great! 

Today I am very optimistic and see real hope that our country will enjoy a new birth of liberty, a spiritual revival, and a prosperous future! 

God bless all of you and may God bless America! 

Understanding This Moment in Time

The world’s most powerful and prosperous nation could not be defeated on the battlefield. Yet, it can be defeated and crushed. It can be turned from the beacon of freedom in the world to a slave state. 

How? Use man’s fear to lock people in their homes, close their businesses, destroy their jobs, and in the process destroy the economy so they have no faith in the President. 

Use propaganda and mind control to make them reject their history, their heroes, and all the values that made their country great. 

Close their churches and have religious leaders support the closure. Eliminate the church as a force in society. 

If the economy starts to come back, unleash racial division and violence, so that once again fear dominates and businesses are afraid to open. 

Prohibit mass rallies that educate and motivate voters as “unsafe,” but allow terror to rule the streets. 

Make people dependent on government handouts for their survival. 

Spy on the population and “trace” their every move. 

Prohibit free elections and hold elections by easy-to-manipulate mail ballots. 

Require masks, create a climate of hostility among the population so there is no camaraderie or unity as a community, state or nation. 

Prohibit normal human interactions such as shaking hands, hugging, having lunch together, and holding meetings! It’s all too dangerous! 

Divide and conquer. 

Require the vaccine. Let no one be allowed to miss it! Make sure it alters the mind. Make the population 100 percent compliant. 

All in a matter of months, not years.

Never before have we so needed real men and women of courage and high principle! 

America, pray for our nation and the President! Think for yourself and don’t be manipulated by the media! 

Defend our history, our heroes, and our values. Don’t hate! Stand up for everyone’s rights but don’t allow yourself to be used to violate the rights of others! 

Open your businesses! Go to work! Open your churches and go to church! Demand freedom of assembly! Demand free, traditional elections. 

Be prepared to defend your home and your business. Reject dependency. Stand four-square for freedom! 

Hold strong and stand! And keep praying!

No Free Man Bows or Kneels to Another Man

No free American needs to bow or kneel before any man! 

Stand up and speak your mind! 

Stand up and work! 

Stand up and vote! 

Kneel to pray before our Heavenly Father but not before any man! 

You are a free American! Not a subject or a serf. Hold strong and stand!

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