Born at Metairie Abortion Clinic, Brandi Received Christ and Was Baptized Sunday

Most people today can point to the hospital where they were born, but Brandi (Brandi Melissa on Facebook) lists her place of birth as Causeway Medical Clinic, an abortion clinic in Metairie. 

She was born as a result of a failed abortion. They tried to kill her but she lived! A saline solution was injected into her mother and she was supposed to come out dead.

Minutes later as tiny Brandi lay in a pan, a nurse noticed her breathing. She took the trash out before the abortionist saw her and  gave the baby to Brandi’s aunt who had been keeping vigil.

Brandi’s mother was part of a satanic cult in the New Orleans area, and Brandi was conceived in a satanic ritual. However, the cult had wanted a boy for their purposes. When the satanists found out she was a girl, they ordered her aborted! 

Brandi’s mother who was mentally disturbed had also been subjected to abuse. She remained in the cult for many years. Brandi was subjected to torture and degradation until she was a young woman.

Over the years, Brandi has survived three brain surgeries and an ortho surgery to try to survive and have a normal life. Her face and body show the unbelievable pain she has been through as a result of the abortion and the other abuse. 

When the Central City News began broadcasting the services of Life Tabernacle Church, Brandi started watching. At first, she mocked Rev. Tony Spell, but she kept watching. She had never attended the church. 

Brandi and I have been friends on Facebook but never met. I was familiar with her story and her fervant support of the pro-life movement. She has had three brain surgeries and one orthopedic surgery. She is subject to blackouts and cannot drive. She suffers from severe brain trauma, cerebral atrophy, epilesy, partial paralysis, scoliosis, and lots of pain.

On Friday, she texted me and asked if I would come pick her up and take her to church with me on Sunday. I did, and she sat next to me as I filmed the service. I had no idea what she had in mind. But near the end of the service, she walked up to the front, kneeled, and prayed fervently a long time. 

When the baptisms began, she walked up and offered her life to Christ and was baptized! It was a very emotional moment for me, knowing as I do some of what Brandi has endured in her life. 

Brandi has spent years working in the pro-life movement and often protests at Planned Parenthood and other abortion facilities.

She has lobbied at the state legislature, prayed at abortion clinics, changed women’s minds about having an abortion, and been arrested at abortion clinics many times for praying on the sidewalk.  She has spoken widely.

“When I get up in the morning, I want to give the devil all he can handle,” she said.

It’s amazing to think that the tiny aborted fetus laying there in the pan at the abortion clinic, seemingly so helpless, could rise up and fight to save the lives of other babies. She does so without fear or compromise.

Although she attended church for several years, she never accepted Christ as her savior. She said she starting thinking about it Thursday night and couldn’t sleep. Then she started messaging me about going to church Sunday.

When she was baptized Sunday morning, Pastor Spell told her, “This is the greatest day of your life!” And Brandi agreed! She is one of 67 people who have been baptized at Life Tabernacle since the shutdown began.

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