Central’s First Class of 1st Graders from 2007 Will Graduate May 21

The Central Community School System officially came into being on July 1, 2007. The following month, 10 classes of 1st graders enrolled at Bellingrath Hills Elementary School. (See pages 23-25 for pictures of those 1st graders.)

On Tuesday, many of those same students will walk across the stage at the University Center at SLU in Hammond to receive their diplomas from Central High School.

As a result, the 310-member strong Central High Class of 2019 is the first to attend Central Community School System schools for 12 years — from the 1st through the 12th grade.

This historic achievement is recognized in this edition of the Central City News. In the graduates section (pages 26-36), a paw print on a student’s photo indicates the student started in that 1st grade class at Bellingrath Hills. Our apologies to anyone we missed!

Some students who started in the fall of 2007 may have been held back and will quality for a paw print next year.  

Among those sitting in Mrs. Harrison’s first grade class at Bellingrath Hills in the fall of 2007 was Joshua Miles, the valedictorian of the Central High Class of 2019. He now goes by his middle name, Luke.

Attending St. Alphonsus Catholic School in the fall of 2007 was Connor Delaune, who transferred to Central High for the 9th grade. Connor is this year’s salutatorian.

Graduation ceremonies Tuesday will be broadcast live by the Central City News on Facebook.

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