Central Physical Therapy: State-of-Art Services

Central Physical Ther-apy opened its new 6,500 square foot state-of-the-art facility at 13111 Hooper Road last year — just before the historic flood hit Central.  Fortunately, the facility received no damage, and patient services quickly returned to normal.

The clinic founded by Helen Balzli and Tom Coplin bustles with activity as young and old alike come to restore movement and good health after suffering from injury, surgery or illness.

Central Physical Therapy offers a wide range of services including traditional Physical Therapy, Dizziness & Balance, Neuromuscular Therapy, ASTYM, Cold Laser, Fall Prevention, Concussion Management, Sports Injuries, FitVibe, Theravibe, WorkSTEPS, Dry Needling, Aquatic Therapy, Pilates, and Fitness.

One of the reasons the new facility was built was to add new programs and expand some old ones.

Pilates, led by M’Lynn Ganey, is an important part of the program. Pilates is for fitness but also to help patients build strength.

The new facility also includes a first-class pool for aquatic therapy.  Greta Saovian, PT and certified aquatics specialist, is in charge of the aquatics program. The pool is larger than traditional pools and provides gentle 92 degree water that is free of chlorine. The pool uses bromine, ozone, and ultra violet light instead of chlorine. It is also used for decompression.  Gentle aquatic therapy is offered at noon daily.

There is a high-end treadmill that allows athletics to work up to 18-20 mph using a vest.

Richard O’Quinn, PT and certified in vestibular rehabilitation, is doing important work with patients suffering from dizziness, using advanced equipment that tracks eye movements and resolves or reduces the problem.

Dry needling uses acupuncture needles to help relax muscles and reduce pain. The advanced Zerona machine uses cold laser to treat painful, swollen joints.

For more information, go to www.centralptonline.com. For an appointment, call 261-7094.

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