Central Drugs Maintains Dominance Of Central’s Pharmacy Marketplace

Year after year, when small businesses are honored in Central, the Business of the Year is usually Central Drug Store, which has found a way to complete with the drug chains and big box schools, despite all odds.

Owner Claud Derbes and his staff make it all look easy.  There are always lots of pharmacists and clerks on hand.  So there is hardly any wait.  Customers are usually greeted by name and with a big smile.  Like mind-readers, they seem to know why you are there.

Likewise, prices are very competitive.  In fact, people are often shocked to see that prices at Central Drug Store are lower than the competition.

But it is the personal service that makes the difference.

Mr. Claud, Mike, and the other pharmacists have no hesitation to step from behind the counter and answer questions about a health problem or a prescription.  Often, it saves a trip to the doctor or even means finding a better solution to a problem.

Central Drug Store really reflects the way things used to be — when people knew and trusted their pharmacists as a neighbor and friend.  Some things still work, at least they do at Central Drug Store.

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