Partner Answers Questions On BREC Site, Bodi White

Partner Answers Questions On BREC Site, Bodi White

CENTRAL — One of Rep. Bodi White’s partners in Parcel 52, LLC, answered questions Tuesday about White’s investment in the firm and the issue of whether he lost $100,000 on a 50.8-acre tract that was ultimately sold to BREC after a “compromise” White brokered, that committed BREC to building a new Sports Park in Central.

Q. Central City News: What did Bodi White invest or pay for his 1/3rd interest in Parcel 52, LLC, in 2007 and what did he get back in Sept. 2008?

A. Gordon Rogillio: Bodi did not pay anything in 2007 and did not receive anything in 2008.

Q. Central City News: At the Central Republican Women’s Forum last week, Rep. Bodi White said he and his wife lost $100,000 on the deal.  How is that possible? Surely, the remaining partners bought out his interest and kept him whole in view of the profit they were going to make.

A. Gordon Rogillio: No, we didn’t buy him out. He had made no investment so there was nothing for us to buy. I don’t speak for Bodi, but I viewed the $100,000 to be an arbitrary figure. His exact earning potential would have depended on the success of a project that never happened.

Q. Central City News: Did he retain any interest in Parcel 52, LLC, or any of the tracts involved after Sept. 2008?

A. Gordon Rogillio: No and No

Q. Central City News: Did he receive any compensation in any form or any promises for the future for bowing out of the deal? A. Gordon Rogillio: No

Q. Central City News: Where is the 7.1 acre tract located and how did it fit into the ultimate sale to BREC?

A. Gordon Rogillio: The tract lies on the west side of the original 52 acres. It provides a second access point from Lovett Road.

Q. Central City News: How did the parkland study by BREC in July 2007 come about?

A. Gordon Rogillio: Honestly, I’m not sure what prompts them do these studies, but out of all the tracts Brandon has shown them since 2005 they have done parkland acquisition studies on three.

Q. Central City News: In what manner did Bodi publicly declare his interest in the parcel on May 6, 2008?

A. Gordon Rogillio: At a BREC meeting.


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